Joanne Dorgan began her career as a video editor with several internships in the San Francisco Bay Area at independent film companies and Avid Technology. She then worked as an assistant editor on independent feature films, short documentaries and commercials in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. An editor with more than twelve years experience, she has worked on a wide range of projects, including documentaries, commercials and corporate video.

In 2000, Joanne moved to Beijing, China, where she lived for five years and edited several films which include travel documentaries and a biography on environmentalist Jane Goodall for National Geographic. While living in Asia, she did a stint as a trainer in the Mongolian capital Ulaan Bataar for a pioneering United Nations’ program that taught video editing to young Mongolians. Back in Beijing, she helped run Cherry Lane Movies, a non-profit theater that shows Chinese films with English subtitles, primarily for ex-patriots. She is conversant in Mandarin, and can read and write Chinese.

Joanne returned to the Bay Area in 2005 and continues to freelance at various post houses and in-house corporate facilities. She has worked with a variety of clients, including Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Chevron, Apple, PG&E and Electronic Arts. Notable projects include producing and editing multimedia installations for the Coca-Cola pavilion at the Beijing Olympics and for Nintendo’s corporate history display in Redmond, Washington.

Beyond editing, Joanne’s interests include photography, installation art, soundtrack music, swimming, yoga and travel.

16年前周欢梅在旧金山湾区开启了她的电视剪辑职业生涯。曾经在几个独立电影公司实习视频j剪辑 ,然后,担任过助自主故事片的助理剪辑,还有湾区和洛杉矶的纪录短片和广告工作。另外也从事过大型项目的纪录片、广告和企业宣传片工作。